CWSA 2021
Silver Medal
GLM 2022
Master Medal

Forbes 2022
100 Italian Excellences
IWSC 2021
Gold Medal -  96/100

The artisanal Sicilian Liquer

UNICO is the Artisan Amaro that comes from the infusion of only fresh and hand-selected peels of Sicilian avocado and Sicilian citrus fruits, the wild herbs that our land offers us daily and the water from local springs.

UNICO is the meeting of bitter, sweet, sour and spicy notes that envelop the palate in harmony. The beneficial properties of avocado make UNICO an excellent digestive.

UNIQUE as a digestive, UNIQUE in company.

We do it like a time

We make our amaro with the methods and attention of once upon a time. After a careful selection, we place the fresh peels in an infusion with wild herbs and alcohol. We then add very fresh water from Sicilian springs.

To make UNICO we do not use artificial flavors, preservatives, additives and caramel.

Each bottle, albeit imperceptibly, will always be different from each other, confirming the craftsmanship that distinguishes it.

The Sicilian Avocado

Avocado, known as the new "GREEN GOLD", is now grown in Sicily and is the undisputed protagonist of this unique recipe.

The climatic conditions and the land in which it is grown make the Sicilian avocado a fruit with an UNIQUE flavour.